Movie Studio Sues Popcorn Time Users In The U.S.

The makers of “The Cobbler” film have filed a suit in a federal court in Oregon directed at 11 users of the most popular Popcorn Time applications. In accordance with the filmmakers Popcorn Time does not have something of which the users should have been conscious, any practical valid use.

cobblerOver the previous few years thousands of Internet subscribers are sued in America for allegedly sharing copyrighted content, mainly video.

The cases are often targeted at “BitTorrent” users in general, not focusing on any customer specifically.

But this week the makers of the 2014 comedy “The Cobbler” determined to single out Popcorn Time users.

Popcorn Time additionally uses BitTorrent underneath the hood but unlike conventional clients it enables users to browse by means of a library of stream these and movies from inside the program.

As users connect to public BitTorrent swarms, making it simple for tracking companies and copyright holders to track down pirates popcorn Time is certainly not private.

This also occurred to 11 Popcorn Time users who supposedly seen and shared “The Cobbler.” The makers of the film filed a charge (pdf) at an Oregon District Court requesting a subpoena to compel Comcast to deliver the private information on the related account holders.

“Each defendant’s IP address was detected and verified as both screening and distributing plaintiff’s motion picture through Popcorn Time,” the criticism describes.

The Popcorn Time defendants

The cause of singling Popcorn Time users out is not clear. Exactly the same filmmakers have started lawsuits against BitTorrent users however they might consider that their case is bolstered by the infringing picture of Popcorn Time.

“Popcorn Time exists for just one purpose and one goal only: to steal copyrighted content,” they write, including the defendants should happen to be well aware with this.

Program and the Popcorn Time web site repeatedly tells users that its use might be against regulations. As an example, the Popcorn Time web site has an obvious warning on its homepage as well as in the FAQ.

“Without a doubt, each user of Popcorn Time is supplied multiple notices that they’re downloading and installing applications for the express reason for committing larceny and giving the power of others to commit larceny by furthering the Bit Torrent piracy network,” the charge describes.

Popcorn Time warning

The filmmakers demand a permanent injunction against the defendants ordering them to cease pirating their films. Additionally, they request statutory damages of up to $150,000.

In fact, nevertheless, they may be prone to approach the defendants to get a settlement offer of a couple of thousands dollars, as is common in these sort of “copyright troll” cases.

The programmers of the Popcorn Time program that has been targeted tell TF that users are really warned that using their program to download pirated movies often leads to legal problem.

“Popcorn Time is not prohibited. But, the use people make of the program may be prohibited, according to their state and local laws,” they tell TF.

“You’d think with all our warnings, the anti-piracy laws, the explanations given in the media as well as the common sense, users will know about their activities by now. Trapping a a ‘Popcorn Time’ label over this kind of suit looks somewhat inflated,” they include.

The Court has yet to issue an order after the subpoena request. According to preceding cases the account holders linked to the 11 IP addresses listed above can anticipate a settlement offer in the mail shortly.