Authorities Arrest Guys For Propagating Popcorn Time Info

Authorities in Denmark have detained the alleged operators of two Popcorn Time guide sites. The authorities have also grabbed the domain names of both operations. The case is linked to copyright and contentious in that both websites were Popcorn Time info resources -infringing material.

More than the prevalence of the well-known Popcorn Time video streaming program as well as a year after its 2014 start is showing no signs of fading away.

But since millions of men and women use the different forks of the applications daily, Popcorn Time is attracting the interest of copyright holders, anti- law enforcement agencies and piracy groups.

While neither of the primary branches have been targeted, the heat is being felt by others around them. Actually, the most recent news coming out of Denmark indicates the authorities are prepared to reach on those just on the margin.

Adhering to a court order dated local police report that yesterday morning they detained two guys within their thirties said to function as operators of a set of Popcorn Time sites that are associated. and have now been shut down, with their domain names put underneath the control of the state prosecutor.

“The Danish State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Offense is at present running a criminal investigation that includes this domain name,” reads the seizure notice.

“As portion of the investigation the state prosecutor has requested a Danish District Court to transfer the rights of the domain name to the state prosecutor. The District Court has complied with all the request.”

While arrests of file-sharers websites that closely ease infringement running are nothing new, this week’s arrests seem to really go way beyond anything. Both guys never have been offering copyrighted content for download and will not be linked to the creation of Popcorn Time.

Both websites were advice resources, offering recent news on Popcorn Time associated developments, guides, FAQ tips and sections on how to make use of the application. The screenshot below shows

Those seeking a clearer (and live) notion of what the website looked like before it had been taken down should check out, that has been formerly marketed by as an English language version of the website.

Significantly, neither website hosted the Popcorn Time program, instead deciding to link to other websites where the program may be downloaded. However, this does not seem to have saved them.

Both men stand accused of spreading guides and knowledge on the best way to get prohibited content online and are reported to have admitted.

Actually, based on court records the pair are suspected of such glaring breaches of copyright law which they might justify punishment.

Inspector Michael Hellensberg from the Danish authorities Fraud Squad told local media the case is an important one in several regards.

“The case is significant because, firstly, it demonstrates that [website operators] could be disclosed by law enforcement. This has effects plus it also shares the message this behaviour is prohibited,” Hellensberg said.

“So there’s hopefully a deterrent effect against feeling assured you could sit wherever you need and make an effort to enforce such matters.”

Before this season, six sites set up as Popcorn Time “fan pages” were shut down by anti-piracy kit BREIN. None were affiliated with all the official job and a monetary settlement was reached by all with all the group.